Submission Deadlines, 2017

Dec. 15 - Focus on the Family: The Nativity Scene - 50-300 words

              Spider & Ladybug Magazines: Captivating Cityscapes - fiction, nonfiction, & poetry for ages 3-9

              Poetry Society of Oklahoma Annual Spring Contest - 10 categories to enter

              Massachusetts State Poetry Society Arthur (Skip) Potter Contest - for poems up to 40 lines

              WyoPoets Eugene V. Shea Annual Contest - poems up to 40 lines

Dec. 16 - Five Poisoned Apples Writing Contest - 5,000-20,000 word stories based on Snow White

              Cinematic Short Story Contest - short fiction with the potential of being made in to a film 

Dec. 18 - Atlantis Short Story Contest - stories 300-2500 words 

Dec. 22 - Poetry Society of America Annual Awards - for emerging and established poets 

Dec. 25 - Christmas Short Story Contest - Christmas stories 2000-5000 words 

Dec. 26 - Highland Park Poetry Muses' Gallery - poems up to 30 lines

Dec. 31 - Workers Write! Tales From the Cafe - stories & poems from the food industry

              California State Poetry Society Monthly Contest - published poems only this month 

              Focus on the Family: Defending Their Faith - articles 50-300 words 

              SPS Studios Poetry Card Contest - for non-rhyming poems 

              The Lascaux Prize in Fiction - for novels published in 2016 or 2017

              The Paddock Review - submit 1-3 quality poems 

              National Writers Association Nonfiction Contest - unpublished works only 

              Little Red Tree International Poetry Prize 2017 - unpublished works only 

              International Call for Writers by ArtAscent - theme is Portraits 

Jan. 01 - The Sun Magazine Readers Write Column: Threats - personal essays

              Purpose Magazine: This is the day - personal, true anecdotal stories & poems 
























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