These publication accept submissions on an ongoing basis:

2 Camels - print magazine wants stories in the travel/festival writing genre

3rd Act Magazine - short features & feature articles on what it means to be a senior

5-Minute Memoir: Tales From the Writing Life - 600 word essays on writing for Writer's Digest magazine

AARP Magazine - nonfiction articles and essays 

A Fairy Tale Magazine - fairy tale stories and poems from around the world 

A Listing of Children's Educational Markets - A to Z listing of markets     

A Time of Singing - an online Christian literary poetry magazine 

Abdo Publishing - children's publisher specializing in educational books & products for ages 4-12

Abingdon Press - Christian publisher of ministry resources     

Abrams Books for Young Readers and Amulet Books - open to nonfiction picture book submissions

Absey & Company - book publisher; poetry, prose, children, teens, & adults    

Adventist Review, USA - editorials, devotionals, and news of deeply spiritual topics

Adventure Publications - nature & outdoor nonfiction publisher; outdoor/wilderness fiction mysteries

Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse - Christian magazine for ages 8-12; fiction & nonfiction          

Albert Whitman & Company Publishing - children's book publisher for ages 2-12; fiction & nonfiction

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine - origninal mysteries from short stories to novellas

Alive Now - devotional magazine for groups and individuals

ALTARWORK - written, audio, visual, and performing Christian art

AMG Publishers - Christian publisher advancing the ministry of the gospel

Ambassador Books - Christian publisher for both adult and children's books

America's Funniest Humor - bi-monthly contests run continually for 750 words or less

American Journal of Nursing - personal essays, poems, flash fiction related to health & health care

Anaiah Press: A Mighty Presence - faith-based fiction & nonfiction books

Anaiah Press: Anaiah Adventures - faith-based educational material for homeschool and classroom curriculum

Andrews McMeel Publishing - nonfiction trade, gift, humor books and calendars

Answers in Genesis Magazine - articles supportive of a Christian worldview and the book of Genesis     

Angelnook Publishing - true angel stories for Angel Digest

Anglican Theological Review - articles, poems, book review in the Christian tradition

Apple Valley Review - online journal of short stories, poems, and essays

Appleseeds - nonfiction social studies magazines for kids ages 6-9; each issue follows a theme

Arbordale Publishing - children's picture book publisher; science, math, and social studies    

Arcadia Publlishing - photographic historical books about small towns in Texas

Arthur A. Levine Books – literary fiction & nonfiction for children & teenagers      

Ask - nonfiction children's magazine for kids 6-9 years old about science & the world around them

Assissi: An Online Journal of Arts & Letters - poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, artwork

Atlantic Publishing Co.- how-to books, training guides, and practical material

August House - book publisher of world folktale stories     

Azro Press - book publisher of Southwestern children's stories

Babybug - magazine for children under the age of 3; fiction, nonfiction, & poetry

Backwoods Home Magazine - a country and self-reliance how-to magazine 

Beautiful One - Christian online & print magazine

Beacon Hill Press - publishes Christian books, Bibles studies and Bible commentaries

Beacon Publishing - Christian publisher of nonfiction, fiction, & children's

Believer Life - online Christian magazine; articles, stories, and more to edify the Christian life

Belle Books - book publisher wants wholesome books about contemporary Southern life

Beneath Ceaseless Skies - literary adventure fantasy

Beyond Magazine - humor, essays, and poems related to work     

Bible Advocate Press - poetry, Bible articles, Christian living, print and online magazine

Bible Study Magazine - Christian print magazine

Birds and Bloom Magazine - essays, how-to, humor, inspirational, personal experience and crafts

Bird Watchers Digest - articles 600-2500 words about bird watching       

Birding Magazine - articles on birds      

Blaze - magazine for horse crazy kids ages 8-14

Blogging Authors - wants articles written on your area of expertise or current interest article

Blue Mountain Arts - unrhymed poetry and writings suitable for greeting cards        

Blue Mountain Press - gift books, inspirational, family, relationships, personal growth

Blue Ridge Literary Agency - inspirational romance, cozy mysteries, Young Adult fiction

Blue Swan Publishing - inspirational and/or sweet themed fiction

BookCrash - read Christian books they send you and post the review on your blog

Bookmarks - a guide to books both old and new

Bored Teachers - finding humor in the teaching profession

bottle rockets press - haiku, senryu, tanka, cheritas and other haiku-like poetry forms    

Boulevard - literary journal publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

Boyds Mill Press - children's book publisher; picture books, middle grade, poetry 

Boys Quest - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, games, puzzles, & articles for boys 6 to 13 years old

Brush Dance Greeting Cards - inspirational writers and artists      

Bumples - children's online magazine for ages 4 - 10

Caddylak Graffix - funny greeting cards and t-shirts

Cadet Quest - helping boys grow more Christlike in all areas of life

Calkins Creek - children's book publisher, historical fiction & nonfiction, ages 8 and up

Called Magazine - lifestyle magazine for female pastors

Calypso Greeting Cards - contemporary, clever, and edgy cards

Campsight, USA - quarterly online magazine of Christian Camp & Conference Assoc.

Canterbury House Publishing - publishes wholesome romance, mystery, & memoir books of an inspirational nature

Canticle Magazine - dedicated to the woman's vocation within the Church

Capper's - historical, inspirational, nostalgic, travel, or family-oriented human-interest stories

Capstone - book publisher, fiction and nonfiction for preschool through grade 4

Cast of Wonders - YA short fiction up to 6K words

Catholic Digest - needs nonfiction, full-length articles on almost any subject 

Catholic Forester, USA - magazine; nonfiction, inspiration, nostalgia, humor, & light fiction or children's

Celebrate Life - #1 publication of the pro-life movement

Chalice Press - nonfiction Christian book publisher     

Changes in Life - monthly women's inspirational ezine of essays by women about the changes in their lives

Charisma Magazine - for Pentecostal and charismatic readers

Charlesbridge - children's book publisher; fiction and nonfiction

Christian Home and School Magazine - parenting articles to promote Christian education      

Christian Courier – Christian book reviews, features/news, or original art/poetry

Children's Ministry Magazine - resources for children's ministries

Children's Writer - monthly newsletter on the children's writing industry - online Christian magazine of devotionals, poetry, and articles

Christian Library Journal - book reviews of Christian books

Christian Science Monitor - print magazine; upbeat, personal essays of happenings in everyday life

Christianity Today - print magazine; Biblical teaching that meets today's challenges     

Chronic Joy Ministries - 500-600 words compassionate, empathetic posts on living with a chronic illness

Chronicle Books - Adult - books, stationery, kits, calendars & novelty formats, cookbooks, photography, home decor, & more

Chronicle Books - Children - fiction & nonfiction books, board books, decks, activity kits, & "novelty" formats

Church Libraries - print magazine wants articles on running a church library

Cicada, USA - literary magazine for teenagers and young adults; short stories, poems, and essays

Cladach Publishing - Christian book publisher; fiction and nonfiction

CLC Publications - Christian books for the deeper life      

Clean Reads - publisher wants Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, and Regency Romance; no sex and no profanity

Clubhouse - Christian magazine for 8 - 12 year olds; fiction & nonfiction  

Clubhouse, Jr. - magazine teaching Christian values to kids ages 4-8

Cobblestone - magazine for youth ages 9-14 focused on American history

Concho River Review - lit mag of Angelo State University, TX, wants fiction, nonfiction, & poetry

Contrary Magazine - poetry, commentaries and fiction

Country Magazine - for people who live in or long for the country

Country Woman Magazine- for women who live in or long for the country

Cowboy Poetry Press - essays, poetry, flash fiction, photography & art on western or cowboy theme

Creation Illustrated magazine - a Bible-based nature journal; nonfiction, poetry, childrens

Cricket - fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction for ages 9-14

Crickhollow Books - Midwestern book publisher for adults and young readers

Crimson Romance - new imprint of Adams Media for five genres of romance novels of 50,000 words

Crossroad Publishing - books for spiritual living and religious thought; traditional Judeo-Christian values

Crux Literary Journal - poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction with a Christian theme

Cup of Tea Books - publishes women fiction novels 

Dappled Things: A Quarterly of Ideas, Art, and Faith - Catholic literary journal; fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Dave Fressenden - Christian agent with WordWise Media Services; fiction and nonfiction

Daw Books - science fiction and fantasy novels

Dawn Publications - "nature awareness" for adults and children

DaySpring Cards - Christian greeting cards for all occasions

Decision Magazine - articles to encourage readers to faith in Jesus Christ

Deep Magic - clean fantasy and sci-fi stories

Deep South - online magazine for LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, and TX "southern voices"

Demand Studios - seeking freelance writers for a variety of topics

Descant - literary journal of Ft. Worth, TX; fiction, nonfiction & poetry

Descap: Bite Size Chunks of Humor - funny fiction, fake ads, image captions, cartoons, one-line limericks, & character sketches

Desert Breeze Publishing - Christian romance and Christian women's fiction; royalty-based publisher 

Designer Greetings - humorous and traditional cards as well as all holidays

Devo in the John: A Devotional Book for the Bathroom - stories up to 500 words 

Devotable - online devotionals

Devozine - daily meditations for youth 12-18; devotionals 250-600 words   

Dial Books for Young Readers – books for children of all ages

Dig, USA - archeology magazine for ages 9-14

Dollar Stretcher - a group of publications dedicated to living better for less

Don't Talk to Me About Love - online magazine exploring love in fiction, nonfiction, poetry & art

Dream of Things - inspirational creative nonfiction anthologies 

Eakin Press - Texas history & biographies, fiction, nonfiction, children's picture books

Eames Literary Agency - Christian writers agency

Early American Life - 750-2500 word articles; American from it's founding to the 1800s

e-Chook - digital publisher of short stories from 750 - 2000 words

Eerdman's Publishing - Childrens - picture books, middle readers, and young adult; fiction and nonfiction

E-How - Earn money writing how-to articles

Eifrig Publishing - children's books and family psychology books

Eldridge Christian Plays and Musicals - buys Christian plays and musicals

Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things - poetry, fiction, & creative nonfiction; for readers 10-18 years old

Encounter - Christian magazine for junior and senior high students 

Entangled Teen - swoon-worthy YA romance novels

errant parent - parenting-oriented humor

Evagelical Free Church of America Today - magazine for ministry and lay leaders

Faces - magazine about world cultures & geography for 4th grade and up; fiction & nonfiction

Faith and Family Magazine - to support Catholic women in marriage and motherhood

FaithWalk Publishing - fiction, nonfiction, devotionals, and memoir book publisher

Family Circle - general interest magazine for women focuses on the family

Family Fun - magazine for families with children ages 3-12

Fathers Press - Christian fiction and nonfiction book publisher

Fiction Attic Press - novels, short stories, and novellas

FIDO Friendly Magazine - stories about raveling with your dog and the experience it brings

Flash Fiction Online - 500 - 1,000 word fiction stories

Flashlight Press - publishers of picture books dealing with family/social situations

Flying Island Press - wants sci/fi and fantasy stories with a positive spin

Fortress Press - publishes scholarly works in biblical studies, theology, and Christian history

Forward Movement - books, pamphlets & other material focusing on Christian discipleship

Free Spirit Publishing - books for kids and teens for social and emotional needs

Frogpond Journal - haiku, haibun, renku, rengay, essays & book reviews 

Front Porch Journal - in San Marcos, TX; fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Front Street Books - Children and YA books about children in crisis or at risk 

Full Spirit Magazine - powerful articles and revealing insight into Christian living 

Fun for Kidz - boys & girls magazine for ages 6-13; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, puzzles

Funny Times - pokes fun at the human condition in general

Galavanting - lighthearted, witty travel essays

Gallant Greetings - greeting cards for a wide range of sending situations

Gardening How-To - how-to articles for the home gardener

Gibbs Smith Publishing - nonfiction, fiction, children's, adult & children's historical fiction

Gingerbread House - poetry & fiction with a magical element

Girls Life - fiction and nonfiction geared to 10-15 year old girls

God Makes Lemonade - nonfiction life stories of a sour twist with a sweet ending

God's Word for Today - Assembly of God adult Sunday school take home paper

Going Bonkers - humorous, eclectic magazine; articles to help readers manage stress in all areas of life

Good Housekeeping - 500 words about a person or event that was a blessing in your life

Good Old Days - real stories of people who grew up between 1935-1965

Gospel House Publishing - Christian publisher owned by the Assemblies of God

Gospel Roads Magazine - articles to help readers live their lives of faith in a meaningful way

Grace Publishing - Bible Studies, devotionals, fiction, christian living, leader’s resources, children/homeschooling

GRAND: Lifestyle Magazine for AWESOME Grandparents! - articles 300-450 words 

Grasslimb - literary journal of poetry, short prose, line art, cartoons, and book & music reviews

Graywolf Press - collections of poems, essays, memoirs, novels & short stories 

Great Little Books - independent publisher of novels, children's books, poetry, and short stories

Greater Sum - a journal of prose & faith; fiction, narrative nonfiction, essays

GreenPrints: The Weeder's Digest - a focus on the human side of gardening

Grit - magazine publishes articles about living the country lifestyle

Group - spiritual growth magazine needs articles on successful youth ministry strategies

Guardian Angel Kids - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, article for kids

Guide magazine - Children's Christian stories ages 9-14

Guidepost magazine - inspirational true stories      

Harbourlight Publishing - Christian book publisher wants fiction 25,000-80,000 words

Haibun Today - quarterly journal publishing haibun and tanka   

Haiku Journal - submit traditional haiku with a 5-7-5 pattern  

Hallmark Publishing - wholesome romance & cozy mysteries; 65K to 85K words  

Happy Woman Magazine - parodies of articles commonly found in women's magazine

Harlequin American Romance - heartwarming contemporary fiction up to 55,000 words    

Harlequin Heartwarming - wholesome, contemporary romance novels with traditional values    

Harlequin Historical - historical romance up to 75K words       

HarperLegend - visionary, spiritual novels of change        

Hartline Literary Agency - fiction and nonfiction with a Christian worldview

Heacock Hill Literary Agency - wants adult fiction & nonfiction, juvenile fiction

Heartsong Presents - inspirational romance with an evangelical Christian worldview

Heirloom Gardener - stories about gardening with heirloom plants    

Hendrick-Long Publishing - specializes in books with a Texas historical focus; for children and young adults

Henery Press - publishes cozy mysteries with a splash of chick lit   

Herald Press - Christian book publisher from the Anabaptist tradition of peace and justice

Highland Press Publishing - Christian/Inspirational line both historical & contemporary, novels & anthologies

Highlights for Children - general interest magazine for children

Hill Country Sun - stories for people who want to visit the Texas Hill Country

Holiday House - book publisher, fiction and nonfiction, picture books to young adult

Homebound Publications - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoir, essay, young adult fiction

Homeschooling Today Magazine   - information for homeschooling parents from a Christian perspective

HOOT - published flash fiction, poetry & memoir, all under 150 words

Hopekeepers - Christian magazine for people living in chronic pain

Hopscotch for Girls - magazine for articles, stories, poems, & puzzles

Horn Book Magazine, USA - publishes book reviews of children's and young adult literature

Hot Chocolate Press - wholesome books to make you feel happy and warm

Houseboat Online Literary Journal - poetry & flash fiction

Humpty Dumpty Magazine - for kids ages 5-7; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipes, and crafts

Hunting for Chocolate - blog & anthology; stories, photos, poetry about chocolate

ISO Magazine - lifestyle, entertainment, spiritual subjects; nonfiction, review, interview, how-to

Ideals Books - fiction and nonfiction picture book for ages 4 to 8

I Love Cats Magazine - nonfiction stories about cats and their owners

Indian Life - stories of Native Americans whose lives have been transformed by Jesus Christ 

Imagination Cafe: Feed Your Mind - kids website of stories, games, puzzles, and more

InSite - the magazine for Christian camping ministries

In Touch, USA - online magazine proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ

Jack and Jill - magazine for kids 6-12; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, puzzles/games, recipes

Jennifer Dechiara Literary Agency - represents children's literature of all ages plus adult fiction & nonfiction

Jokes Literary Review - open to poetry, humorous and experimental works

Journeyforth Press - Christian novels & biographies; fiction & nonfiction

Joyful - Christian online magazine

Jumping Jack Press - children's pop-up books

Just Between Us - For women with a heart for ministry

Just Cause, USA - stories covering charitable causes 

Just for Kids - Christian magazine for toddlers to teens

Kaeden Press - books for early, emergent or fluent readers, kindgergarten to second grade

Kane Miller - publishing picture book, chapter books, & middle grade fiction

Keys for Kids: Because Kids Need Christ - magazine for kids and families

Kids Ministry Ideas, USA - Christian magazine for adults leading children to Jesus

Kindle Scout - new, never-before-published books submitted to Amazon Kindle reader

Knowonder - print children's magazine of art, crafts, and stories

Koehler - buys inspirational verse for plaques, mirrors, and clocks

Koehler Books - historical, contemporary, Christian and young adult as well as some nonfiction 

L Magazine - Lutheran magazine of articles on humor, worship, church in context, and resources

Ladies Home Journal - nonfiction articles and personal essays

Ladybug - children's magazines for ages 2-6; stories & poems

Laughing Cactus Press - West Texas publisher of fiction and poetry books

Leaf Press' Monday's Poems - posts previously published poems on their web site; Canadian

Leafwood Publishing - traditional Christian publisher

Liberty Magazine - preeminent magazine for matters of religious freedom

Life in the USA - a comprehensive guide for immigrants to the American life

LifeWay - family magazine and devotional guides 

Light and Life - Free Methodist church online magazine

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas - traditional Christian book publisher; fiction and nonfiction

Liguorian - Catholic magazine to help Catholics grasp fiction & apply it to their lives; fiction, articles & personal essays

Lit Magazine - online magazine, primarily poetry

LiturgicalCredo - contemporary stories of doubt and faith; fiction, nonfiction, & poetry

Live, USA - Assemblies of God adult take-home Sunday School paper 

Living Light News - publishes evangelical Christian topics & testimonies online & in print in Canada

Living With Teenagers, USA - information and advice to help parents of teenagers succeed

Living Word Literary Agency - represents Christian fiction and nonfiction authors

Little Pickle Press - middle grade and young adult publishers

Looking Back Magazine - conversational stories about growing up between 1945-1965

Love Inspired Historical Books - wholesome Christian romance books 70,000-75,000 words

Love-Love Publishing - love, romance, suspense, period dramas, comedies, epic love stories, and thrillers

Love of Quilting - print magazine; stories and article about quilting

Lovely Christian Romance - online magazine wants stories 1000-3000 words

Lucid Magazine - online Christian magazine of articles, poetry, book reviews, and Christian living

Lucidity Poetry Journal - submit 1-3 poems of understandable poetry

Luminis Books - fiction for YA and middle grade readers 

MB Publishing - children's picture books        

MAD Magazine - humor articles

Makes You Mom Blog - 400-1500 words to nurture or celebrate what makes you Mom (or what makes your Mom)

Marcher Lord Press - publishes full-length fantasy & science fiction novels for Christian adults, teens, and older YA readers 11 and up

Marian Heath Greeting Cards, USA - accepts submissions for all holidays and occasional humor

Martin Sisters Publishing - fiction and nonfiction books, including Christian and inspirational 

Mayfly - 14 or 15 haiku published in each issue

Meadowbrook Press - pregnancy, baby care, child care, humorous poetry for children, party-planning & children's activity books

MeeGenius - ebook reader publisher for children's manuscripts for ages 2-8

Melody of the Heart - online Christian magazine "Offering Hope, Reconciling Hearts"

Metro Fiction - 900 to 1100 word fiction for moms

Midlife Collage - weekly contest for mid-life vignettes from people 40 - 65 years old

Mighty Media Press - picture books, middle grade fiction, & middle grade nonfiction

Momsense - encouraging mothers of preschoolers from a Christian perspective

Moonlighting Cards - inspirational quotes of up to 20 words

Mothers Always Write - literary journal for parents; poetry, personal essays, and micro nonfiction

Nature Friend Magazine - conservative Christian children's magazine for the entire family

New Christian Voices - non-denominational Christian humor and lifestyle web site

New York Times Modern Love Essays - 1500-1700 words

No Trees Books Fiction Anthologies - seeking paranormal, Cowboy, & sleeping-with-exes stories

Nosy Crow - publishes books for children ages 0-14

Now What? - Christian articles on life's problems that are seeker sensitive

Oak Tara Press - inspirational fiction for adults, teens, and children in a wide variety of genres 

Oak Tree Press - fiction & nonfiction books in a variety of genres

Oatmeal Studios - humorous greeting cards and notepads

Ocean Magazine - stories, articles, essays, and poems about the ocean

Odyssey - scientific magazine for ages 9-14; fiction, nonfiction, & poetry

One Teen Story - 2000 to 4500 word stories for teens

Our Little Friend - children's Sunday school magazine for Seventh-Day Adventist

Our Sunday Visitor - non-profit Catholic publisher of books, magazines, newspapers and more   

Outreach – insight, ideas, and stories for Christian churches outreach programs

Outshine - twitterzine of optimistic, near-future prose poems

Over My Dead Body - mystery magazines, fiction and nonfiction 

Papyrus Greeting Cards - greeting cards for all occasions

Parabola Literary Journal - quarterly print journal

Parenting - magazines for moms of kids ranging from newborn to twelve years old

ParentLife - Christian parenting magazine

Passport to Romance Christian Fiction Series - 30,000 to 35,000 words - articles, devotionals, testimonies related to ministry; from pastor's wives

Pauline Kids - Catholic publisher of board books, PB,  middle grade, YA fiction & nonfiction 

Peaceable Kingdom Greeting Cards - birthday cards for children

Peachtree Publishing - children's book publisher, picture book to young adult

Pelican Publishing - Christmas books, inspirational, cookbooks, children's books, art & fiction books

Pelican Pure Amore - emotion-driven, Christian romance books for ages 21-33

Pentecostal Evangel, USA - weekly magazine of the Assemblies of God; nonfiction articles only

Peter Pauper Press - humor & gift books, stationery, journals, calendars, organizers, picture books, and more

Pivot Point Magazine - stories of a significant "pivot point" from defeat to success

Plough Quarterly – Christian nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, letters to the editor

Pockets: Connecting Kids and God - for kids 8-12; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, activities

Positive Impact Magazine - stories about people who create a positive impact on others and on our world

Power for Living - weekly Christian take-home paper for adults reports on unique ministries & family issues - online all-faiths web site that accepts and pays for original prayers

Prayer Connect - online magazine wants articles on prayer

Presbyterians Today, USA - Christian print magazine

Prism - Christian social activism magazine wants articles with social justice features

Providence - online & print journal; articles on the Christian faith & theology

Poisoned Pencil Press - publishes Young Adult mystery novels

Psychology for Living - Christian psychology magazine with Biblical principals

Puddler Magazine - children's magazine to educate kids on the importance of wetlands; fiction, nonfiction, puzzles, & folklore

Pure Amore Publishing - Christian romance novels, sweet in tone and in conflict

Purpose Magazine: Stories of Faith and Promise - stories, verse, poetry, articles

RR Books - leveled books for the educational market

Rainbow Publishers -  crafts, games, & puzzle activity books to teach the Bible to kids ages 2-12

Random House (new imprints) - romance, new adult, mystery-detective, suspense/thriller, science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  

Reader's Digest - dramatic narratives & articles, jokes & anecdotes

Reader's Digest 100-word True Story - tell a humorous, true story in 100 words

eaders View - articles, tips, short stories, opinions, thoughts about writing for their Blogging Authors site

Real People - UK magazine wants your tragic, humorous, inspiring, or endearing personal stories

Real Simple - magazine for busy women; smart, realistic solutions to everyday challenges 

Redbook - first-person essays about pivotal moments in a woman's life

Regular Baptist Press - Sunday school papers and curriculum periodicals

Rejoice! - Christian devotional magazine

Relate Magazine - online magazine for teen girls about life, love, faith, & purity

Relevant Magazine  - online and print Christian magazine

Relief: A Quarterly Christian Expression Journal - fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

Reminisce Magazine - personal experience stories of days gone by

Renaissance Magazine - nonfiction articles relating to the Renaissance period or the Middle Ages 

Renewed and Ready - Christian print magazine for people over 50 

Response Magazine - Christian women's magazine

Ripple Grove Press - picture book publisher for ages 2-6

Rock & Sling: A Journal of Literature, Art, and Faith - Christian poetry, prose, and art work

Room Magazine - themed Canadian magazine for poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction

Rose and Crown Books - Christian inspirational romance fiction 

Rosebud: The Magazine for People Who Enjoy Good Writing - fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or essays

Ruminate: A Christian Literary and Arts Journal - fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art

St. Anthony Messenger - magazine of inspiring stories of Catholics living their faith; fiction & nonfiction 

Saint Katherine Review - Eastern Orthodox journal of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and reviews

Sacred Ink - adult, YA and new adult novels with a Christian element

Sasee - magazine wants nonfiction material for and about women

Saturday Evening Post - perspective on the ever-evolving American scene 

Scarletta Press - publishes books for women and children, including PB, MG & educational  

Scary Mommy - humorous essays up to 900 words about parenting

Schoolwide, Inc. - educational material for grades K-8; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, short stories, essays, PB, MG, young YA

Seventh Street Books - quality mystery and thriller fiction 

Shadow Mountain Publishing - clean content & empowering values; general fiction & nonfiction

Shine brightly - magazine to bring girls 9-14 into a living relationship with Jesus Christ

Sharing the Victory - official magazine of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine - short solveable mystery, crime and ghost stories, 3000 to 7000 words

Signs of the Times - monthly magazine published by the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Silver Knight Publishing - traditional publisher of fiction, nonfiction, & children's books

Simply Read Books - children's books, picture books through YA fiction

Sky Pony Press - picture books, early readers, midgrade novels, novelties & informational books

Skyhorse Publishing - secular publisher of history, rural living, humor and more

Sleeping Bear Press - publishes picture books, middle grade, and young adult books

Snafu Designs Greeting Cards - humorous greeting cards with clever ideas

Sniff & Barkens - 

Sleepy Hollow Books - children's book publisher of fiction for all ages - online mag seeks humor pieces for The Last Page

Sourcebooks - publishing a variety of genres, from business to childrens to romance

Sparkle - Christian children's magazine for girls in first through third grade

Speaking Volumes - traditional publishing house for fiction and nonfiction books 

Speeding Star Magazine - fiction and nonfiction for boys in the 4th grade

Spider - literary magazine for children ages 6-9; fiction, nonfiction, and poems 

Spirit Magazine - weekly Catholic periodical for high school students

Spiritled Woman - for women who have a passionate love for God

Sports Spectrum - wants articles about athletes grounded in their Christian faith

Sprout Magazine - celebrating the simply joys of life; fiction, nonfiction, poetry & art

Steeple Hill - inspirational fiction books for Christian women who love to read         

Sterling Publishing - fiction, nonfiction, & children's publisher 

Steven Hutson - literary agent, editor, non-conformist, specializes in Christian material

Stobbe Literary Agency - Christian fiction & nonfiction; children's, fantasy, devotionals, Christian living, & adult inspirational

Stories For Children - monthly ezine for children ages 3 - 12

Stories That Lift - audio and written stories for the whole family

Storey Publishing - articles on gardening, party-time business, country living, home improvement, animals, nature and more

Story Pie Press - health related/special interest picture books

Strong Verse Poetry - poetry that is meant to be understood, not decoded

Suddenly Lost in Words - digital anthology of young adult literary works; memoirs, long narratives, short stories, & poetry

Sunpenny Publishing - fiction & nonfiction books; secular & Christian; adult, children & teens

SUSIE Magazine - Christian print magazine for teenage girls

Sylvan Dell Publishing - educational, award-winning picture books

Tales of Old - audio magazine for historical fiction and alternative history stories

Tea, A Magazine - quarterly magazine all about tea as a beverage and in history

Tell Us a Story - online publication for poetry & creative nonfiction; must be based on something that actually happened to you

Telling Our Stories Press - personal, narrative memoirs 100 words to 50 pages

Texas Co-op Power: A Magazine About Texas Living - stories about Texas history, places, goods, and people

Texas Highways, USA - things to do or places to see in TX; historical, cultural, & geographic

Texas Parks & Wildlife - nonfiction articles

The Atlantic Magazine - fiction, nonfiction, poetry

The Bark - Magazine featuring dog-centric articles and stories

The Banner - Christian Reformed Church magazine in print and online

The Christian Century Magazine - articles, book reviews, short poems

The Christian Journal - uplifting and encouraging articles for the body of Christ

The Cresset - religious literary journal of essays, poetry, & reviews

The Door - Christian satire print magazine

The Found Poetry Review - poems made up of lines from newspaper articles, books, magazines, and other sources

The Georgia Review - essays, fiction, poetry 

The Higgs Weldon Comedy Website - new content Mon-Fri; submissions 1000 words or less

The History Press - local and regional history books, adult and children  

The JC Reporter - encourage & equip the body of Christ

The Kids' Ark- Christian children's magazine

The Lookout - weekly, adult Christian magazine of true-to-the-Bible teaching 

The Lutheran - articles on spirituality and Christian living

The Lutheran Digest - quarterly publication; fiction, nonfiction, & poetry

The Midnight Diner - Christian quarterly journal wants fiction & poetry

The Muffin - free, daily email about women and writing 

The Mystery Company - publishes books for mystery lovers 

The Old Schoolhouse - the largest homeschooling magazine on the market today

The Other Journal - essays, reviews, creative writing through the lens of theology and culture

The Plain Truth - wants stories of relationship over ritual in Christianity

The Shine Journal - online mag of flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, & photography

The Secret Place - quarterly Christian magazine of daily devotionals

The Steve Laube Agency - focuses on the Christian marketplace; fiction and nonfiction

The Sun - personal essays, fiction, poetry, interviews, and photography

The Sunlight Press – fiction, nonfiction, poems that reflect hopefulness   

The Survivor's Review - encouraging the creative expression of cancer survivors

The Threepenny Review - literary magazine of fiction, poetry, art, and reviews

The Upper Room - meditations/devotionals to encourage Christians worldwide 

The Vocabula Review - thoughtful personal essays and poetry about the English language

The War Cry - the Salvation Army's monthly magazine devoted to sharing God's love without discrimination

The Writer's Eye - poetry & photography

The Writer Magazine - writing articles to instruct, inform and motivate writers

theBlubber - humor articles up to 500 words

Third Order Magazine - faith, fiction, and the occasional extraterrestrial

This I Believe - essays describing the core values that guide people in their daily lives

Thriving Family Magazine - Focus on the Family nonfiction magazine 

Tiferet - Christian literary journal; fiction, nonfiction, poetry 

Tiger Eye Press: Infinities  - submit 8 poems on a related subject for possible chapbook 

Tilbury House - publishes adult nonfiction & children's books for ages 7-12 with a social message

Tin House - literary journal for stories, essays, or poems; check guidelines for themes

Toastmaster Magazine, USA - articles about communication, leadership, & self-improvement

Today's Catholic Teacher magazine - articles of practical concern, help, or interest to teachers in Catholic schools 

Today's Christian Living - faith-based magazine of inspirational articles about ordinary Christian who lead extraordinary lives

Today's Christian Woman Magazine - how-to articles, personal or reflective essays

Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity - fiction, views, book reviews, communiques

Triangle Square - YA and children's book publisher of educational writing

True Angel Encounters - extraordinary true stories about angel encounters

True West - magazine articles from 250-1500 words about the history of the American West

Turtle Magazine - for kids ages 3-5; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipes, crafts, finger play & action rhymes

Unsent Letters - anthology of fiction or nonfiction letters

Unsettling Wonder - folklore and fairy tales 

Untapped - magazine and book publisher for Christian teens and tweens

Upworthy - original stories, up to 500 words, that help create a better world 

US Airways Magazine, USA - short, smart, breezy, pithy humor pieces 

US Kids Magazines - children's magazines with a focus on health and fitness

Verbatim Poetry - wants ordinary text from a non-poetic source that you have arranged into lines

Viabella Greeting Cards - all holidays and occasions including humor

Vibrant Life, USA - promoting a healthy lifestyle from a Christian perspective 

Virginia Quarterly Review - poetry, short fiction, nonfiction

Vineyards: A Journal of Christian Poetry - Christian poems up to 30 lines

Voices de la Luna - quarterly poetry and arts magazine

Vox Dei Publishing - Christian fiction and nonfiction books

Walker Books for Young Readers - unique list of middle-grade, YA, and picture books

Warner Press - Christian publisher of children's material, devotionals, & greeting cards

Watershed Books - Christian fiction books written for 14-19 year old readers 

White Rose Publishing - publishes Christian romance novels

Winding Path Publications - children's picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels

Woman's Day Magazine - articles on food, health, lifestyle, relationships, home, style & beauty

Woman's Weekly - fiction stories and serials for women in various themes and moods

Woman's World Magazine - creative nonfiction, humor, and romantic fiction

Wordserve Literary Agency - agents Rachelle Gardner & Barbara Scott want Christian fiction & nonfiction

Wordsong - the only imprint in children's publishing in America dedicated to poetry

Workers Write Journal - stories 5K to 10K words where Work is the central theme

Wrecked for the Ordinary - online Christian magazine

WRITERS' Journal - writing and publishing articles of 1000 to 2000 words

Writers Weekly - online magazine for writers wants freelance success stories

Writing for Dollars - free weekly newsletter about how to increase your writing income

Writing-World - magazine of articles pertinent to writers, beginners to experienced

Yarn – Young Adult Network Review; poetry, fiction, nonfiction for YA

You & Me; the World's Medical Magazine - 1000-2500 word true story articles

Young Adult Literary Review - for young readers, middle graders, and teens

Youth and Discipleship Leadership Journal - articles written to inspire Christian education workers

YouthWorker Journal - dedicated to helping young people know Jesus Christ; nonfiction articles


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